Resto & Cafe

Warung Upnormal

Warunk Upnormal is a very famous eatery from Bandung specialized in indomie, toast, milk and coffee. Warunk Upnormal was established to answer the need for clean and cozy place to gather or hang out to enjoy instant noodles and toast. Warunk Upnormal is located in Jimbaran and Denpasar.

Bakso Boedjangan

Bakso Boedjangan is a restaurant that specialized meatballs with unique and innovative dishes. Bakso Boedjangan strives to create a delicious #NgebaksoBoedjangan experience by going through a Halal and Hygienic Standardized process. There are 2 Bakso Boedjangan restaurants that can be visited, located in Jimbaran and By Pass Ngurah Rai.